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"I don't have a pool of actors,

I have a river..."

Selective Casting Founder

At Selective Casting we continually meet actors, agents and managers, attending

theatre and showcases throughout New York, discovering new talent

to deepen our existing "river" of actors. 

We pre-screen all talent before we bring you into a casting session with the client.

This pre-screening process is important to both of us - Selective Casting gets to meet youup-close and personal, and you get the opportunity to become comfortable in ‘the room’.  Because we pre-screen, you can be assured that when we call you in to one of our casting sessions, your talent and skills are appropriate for the job. 

all  races & ethnicities

all  gender identities

all  sexual orientations
all  religions
all  countries of origin

all  abilities & disabilities

all  spoken languages

all  ages



At Selective Casting we stand with you and for you. 

All are welcome in our audition rooms and offices.

To share your materials with us, please email us.

We look forward to learning more about you.

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