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Communicate.  Collaborate.  Create.

For the past thirty years, Selective Casting has maintained its presence as one of the oldest boutique casting agencies in New York City.  We cast a broad variety of on-camera projects, including independent films, commercials and corporate and educational videos.

Casting Agency in NYC

Our mission is to connect you with the right talent for your project, and we do so by drawing upon our deep knowledge and connections to the top union talent, agents and managers in New York City.  


We like to say we don’t draw from a pool of actors -- we have a ‘river’. 




Lena Kaminsky


Lena Kaminsky (Casting Director, Owner since 2016) is honored to carry on the Selective Casting name and mission. Lena worked closely with founder Carol Nadell for over 10 years, first as an assistant and later as an associate casting director. Lena is also an actor and has performed in many regional theaters around the country, as well as work in TV, film and voice overs. She received her BFA from Emerson College in Boston.


Lena’s careers as an actor and a casting director inform each other, and together they inform the mission of Selective Casting - to deliver best-in-industry casting services while creating a casting environment that is respectful of the artist. 


Carol Nadell


Carol Nadell (Founder) has been a respected member of the acting community for over 35 years, both as a performer and as a casting director. Along with her specialty in casting for the corporate and educational communities, she was often called upon to act as a casting consultant for theatre projects and independent films.  She served as a board member for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Media Communications Association, and The New York Society for Ethical Culture.


Our clients range from corporate casting projects for Apple, American Express, Ford,

IBM, Macy's, Verizon, and WebMD, to educational and not-for-profits such as

the New York City Department of Health and the Smithsonian Museum,

to live theater and independent films.



“THANK YOU for helping us deliver a terrific show. Our client is as pleased as can be. We continue to get great feedback and this would not have been possible

without your talents and dedication to excellence."

Rick Herman, Production Pro


At Selective Casting we believe in giving back.  A portion of proceeds from every project is donated to a cause we care deeply about.  Our goal is to stay active in the solution, to help those in need, and to continue to pay it forward.

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